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RealtyHomeAdvisors, a non-franchise, regional, independent
company opened its doors October 2017. Since that time, Realty Home
Advisors International has licensed over 200 experienced, seasoned,
Realtors in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties.
Eileen McNamara Vecchio, Broker/ CEO/ Owner of RHA states, “It’s
time to get real with Agents and give them the tools to build wealth
and consistent passive income within 1-5 years. Most Realtors want to
increase their income NOW and save for their FUTURE…that’s a tough
balancing act until now with Realty Home Advisors. Eileen goes on, “I
know what is like to run a real estate business, manage a home, try to
save money and to have a life…it isn’t easy.”
The old model of real estate companies are where the Broker hires
agents and then, basically, waits for a transaction and then, the Broker
waits for a problem or question, then waits for the deal to close. Not at
RHA, every agent has their own Personal Business Coordinator. Your
own PBC is assigned the minute you join our company. Your Personal
Business Coordinator processes transactions, cultivates and qualifies
leads, sets up your database, social media and much more. Your PBC
simultaneously supports your income growth, enhances your personal
marketing and connects you to our company’s generous revenue
sharing program for long-term savings and passive income very quickly.
RHA’s Personal Business Coordinator will reach out like a “good neighbor”, helping to balance your
day, reducing stress and marketing your business while you’re listing and selling. Our RHA Blueprint
plan for life connects income growth, long-term passive income, capped 100% plan and your own
dedicated Personal Business Coordinator, all in one clear, easy pathway to success and quality of life.
How many times have you said, “if there were two of me, I could get ahead.” Now, it is possible.
Why not have it all personalized to your style and your plan. Let’s talk about your Success Blueprint
for your Business and Life today.
Call Eileen at 561-289-3698 or email Eileen@RealtyHomeAdvisors.com

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Address: 9174 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33434
Cell: 561-289-3698
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