My husband and I live in Stockholm.

When we met Ash at our home, we were only thinking of listing our Kokomo Key home. We decided to list our 55 and older home also with him. The 55 plus did not sell. Too many problems with buyer wanting all my furniture. Kokomo Key almost did not sell also, because of the same reason. The buyer was from out of state and we were in in Stockholm. Ash was able to handle all for us while we were out of the country. I wanted more for my home and I should be happy because he was able to sell it for $325,000 which was more than anything sold for in Kokomo at the time. I had second thoughts or buyer remorse but he did a great job. I would recommend him. My wife and I are Canadian citizens and were going to rent our condo for the season. Ash had a renter for us for the season at $3500.00 a month. We had so much trouble with the HOA based on renter getting a divorce and other issues that we decided to sell our home. We had been thinking about it anyway and this was the deciding factor. He quickly sold our home and helped us with the FIRPTA withholding, which we knew nothing about. He also got us more than we thought we would ever get for our home. If you use Ash he will sell your home fast and figure out a way for you to keep as much money as possible. We highly recommended him and would give more than 5 stars if we could.

Elaine Knapp

Your most memorable moment The day that Ash called me asking that we list our home with him was the most memorable.

I could tell right away that he was the person we wanted. From the day I met him and throughout the entire process, he was knowledgeable about our property, respectful, kind and thoughtful, creative, well spoken, and most importantly.........always thinking how he can get more money for your property. His email name everything it says. He is out for YOU! The moment you'd rather forget? Well........the fact that the property sold last week is good and bad. It's bad because I won't have much reason to talk to Ash and I will miss him. He became not only my real estate agent.......but, he also became my friend. Testimonial I can't imagine finding a person in the real estate business that works harder and smarter than Ash Vecchio. It's not easy finding the right real estate agent. But, if you are lucky enough to find Ash, you hit the jackpot! Referral Not at this time..........but, if and when I do, Ash will be recommended

Kevin Stern

Scott was very helpful and helped me get through and also coordinate the buying of a new home and selling of a home I had for 23 years.

He was always available and worked with the other brokers. He knew exactly what I wanted in a new home and helped find it.


Very satisfying with no surprises.

- Great! Excellent as Scott was very informative, always made you feel special and was very accessible at anytime. Goes above and beyond and very sincere! Helped me buy a home/lot/land in 2015

John M.

Clara worked with me through the purchase of new home .

She founded what I wanted for me with almost 100% characteristics that I was looking for. She was taking care every small details that came up an answer or got one at the earliest. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends and family.

It is a distinct pleasure to comment on the service provided by Scott Field in our recent search for a house.

Though new to this region,my wife and I have bought/sold eleven homes,and interacted with some dozen realtors. Accordingly,our joint review ought to be viewed from that perspective. Our experience strongly suggests that Scott Field is an extraordinarly gifted professional. Scott always offered unvarnished assessments of the numerous properties.One learns quickly to listen carefully to his words of wisdom and experience. In fact, he was more like a brother or cousin sharing his expertise. We found Scott to always be direct, honest, and insightful. He is low-key; calm; and a patient professional. Clearly,Scott was always working for us as his top priority.

Dr. David G.

Above and Beyond Realtor Scott definitely goes above and beyond his job.

5 stars really isn’t enough to give him. Scott's excellence and professionalism is really solid and consistent. As first time home buyers, we really couldn’t be happier that we found Scott. He is very professional , helpful, caring and overall just a great person to be around. Throughout the whole process he never forced us into anything and that was my biggest scare about real estate agents. Them trying to make a sell no matter what. Scott has great patience! Scott always knew the answer to every question and if he didn't he always found out in a timely manner. I was very impressed every time when I got a response from Scott, he never forgets. His expertise and timely response makes him really reliable. Im sure that Scott has so many clients at hand but I was amazed by how he was still able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. It’s not just about the deliver on time; it’s the accuracy of his response and the knowledge he has that really makes the whole home buying process smooth. It was amazing that throughout the whole process we always felt that we were Scott's number one client. He really dedicated a lot of time to us. He has gone above and beyond by providing us help and resources. Scott is very knowledgeable and all that he has done for us he didn't have to do, but he cares and he has done more than I think a regular realtor will do. Overall Scott is just amazing!!! He gives great advice!! There are not enough words to describe how great of a realtor he is. I really wish he could just be everyones realtor!! Is there anything you wish Scott Field did differently? no. Everything was perfect. How did the agent help in finding the right property for you? He was attentive and patient. Knowledgeable and questionable. Able to understand both my husband and I in order to find a home that made the both of us happy. How did the agent help to get a good price for you? presented very good comp search. Helped me buy a home in 2016

E. Martin

Sure, Debbie was resourceful with helping us find our home and she used all the tools available to her.

That's not where she's special. Debbie shines at the contract level when the devil's lurking in the details and there's too much wiggle room for one's liking. She's a lock down kind of agent that moves to secure your interests decisively and fast, leaving less than nothing to chance and making sure that once you say "go," dried ink is only a day or two away.

Jeff Pasternack

Scott Field is the ultimate professional and gentleman.

As with most real estate transactions, numerous questions and concerns arise that require accurate information and accessibility. His expertise, knowledge, and patience made our real estate purchase significantly less stressful. Scott not only provided us with the needed information, but made himself available to us when such questions and concerns surfaced. Scott's honesty, integrity, and willingness to assist are qualities that are difficult to find in one person. In light of his 'down to earth' professionalism, we highly recommend him without reservation.

R.G.S., PhD

There are few other agents that are as experienced and educated and professional as Scott Field.

He has a MBA and extra education in handling distressed properties. He goes to great lengths to make sure his clients are well informed on all steps along the way and all options available to them, and clients are well served with his high attention to detail and never-ending energy. He works very hard for his clients.

Susan S.

Clara you rent our house as a professional realtor, with experience in Landlords and Tenants Acts.

We had the pleasure of working with her who cares very much for the clients she deserves and delivers on everything she commits to. We recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home.

Debbie has proved herself to be extremely hard working and effective.

She has an innate sense of what her clients want, and know how to get the results we are looking for. It was a pleasure using her services, and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a trusted realtor. A pleasure to work with on purchasing our home in Boca Raton. She really knows the area and schools. She also books a showing in no time which works well for the extremely sought after Boca Raton.

Melissa S

Debbie has proved herself to be extremely hard working and effective.

She has an inate sense of what her clients want, and know how to get the results we are looking for. It was a pleasure using her services, and would not hesitate tor recommend her to anyone looking for a trusted realtor.

Harlan Sender

I could have my clients write their experience, but I can tell myself that Martina from Palm Beach Gardens, was very happy when I found her the perfect house, at the right time.

Also, Barry from Palm Beach Gardens, could not believe that I listed his house on a Friday and on Monday I had 2 offers for him. Linda, also from Palm Beach Gardens, can testify that I sold her late father's house in 10 days - for the right price. In Boynton Beach, I have Randy, another happy customer, that his house was listed by me and sold also in a very short time. Also, I found Randy his new home - He is another happy customer... Those are a few of my recent customers. Next time I write, I want to add your name to my list. Thanks

Clara feed my needs , developed a plan specific to my home.

She sold my house with successful transaction . She direct me in what I need to do to sell my existing home and it sold quickly very close to my asking price when we listed it. Her personal attention, professionalism, and communication of what buyers expect in our price range were keys in getting our home sold quickly.

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